Real Essence of a Man According to a Woman


Written by: Paola Bianca F. Ventura   


Usually, it is a woman and not a man, who is responsible for that heart wrenching poem or that vomit-inducing cheesy song.  Seems like no man can resist creating a peace of art for his awe and respect for the  woman that he admires and in effect, there’s a big disparity between tributes to men and women. We are so familiar with the essence of a woman and are so busy with doing movies and songs about it that we fail to see the essence of the other sex.

Now, to give justice to the testosterone powered humans, we will discuss the real essence of a man, but with a twist. We will do it with a woman’s point of view. We have asked a few to voice out what they think is the real essence of a man and here is what they have said.

“i’d say, hmmmm. its a hard question. hahaha. but if a woman’s essence is giving birth then maybe a man’s essence is helping in the creation of the child… but it wont stop there, kailangan panagutan din niya”

-Guila Cruz, 19


” siguro yung lalaking kaya akong panindigan. yon. may sariling paninindigan!”

-Donna Regala, 20


” personally for me, you don’t have to exhibit the masculinity. I mean, I would consider a gay man who sends his nieces and nephews to school more masculine than a man who helped father a child but did not really become a father to it. i guess what I’m tying to say is that men should be responsible.”

-Kim Ventura,23


” Ang palagay ko, pagiging isang mabuting ama sa kanyang mga anak.”

-Ofelia SJ Rodriguez, 64


” Well, I think that a man’s essence would be to support his mom and dad first. Fulfill his filial duty towards them. And then when it’s time, maybe get married, have kids and provide for them”

-Pauline Ventura,29

Now that we have heard what the women of Malolos have to say, it would be easy to identify the words thats most commonly used by them- paninindigan, responsibility, being a good provider. in other words, women will see men as men if they would act as they should- being a responsible provider for the family. Is that really what it means to be a guy? to be a provider?


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A Man’s Guide in Making the Right Sartorial Choices

 Written by :Paola Bianca F. Ventura

hhh1   It’s totally unfair for girls to spend the whole day to find the perfect pair of shoes that would match well with the sweeping gown that they have rigorously exercised for while boys could just wear the same coat and tie to just every occasion….. or could they?

The answer would be yes, if you are a man who doesn’t care about  what proper attire should be worn on a white tie event. OR you could opt to be a gentleman (at least on the outside appearance) and do some research before stepping onto the red carpet with flip flops. Yikes! OR WORSE, YOU COULD BE THE BRINGER OF PEACE WHILE WEARING A WHITE TIE TO A JOB INTERVIEW.

Worry no more, as we are here to get you covered. Just scroll down and get your pen and paper ready to take some notes!


This is the easiest dress code. Just a good pair of jeans, an acceptable polo shirt will do just the trick. Even a simple T-shirt is fine as long as you put a polo jacket on top of it. Nice! as for the shoes, the leather ones are the way to go.


picture 1, 2, 3,

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Relatively near with the first one.  Only difference would be, is that you would likely need to wear a necktie.

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This calls for formality.  A perfectly tailored suit and a well chosen neck tie will go a long way.a good pair of leather shoes will finish off this look. oh, and to give off a more serious business like aura, opt for darker shades. Remember, the darker the better!


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Sit back, relax and enjoy. leave the top button undone and forego the tie.  This is usually what a gentleman would wear on a night out or while sailing towards God knows where using a private yat. You’re always the dashing debonair if paired with a good pair of boat shoes and a pair of dark wayfarers.


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This is the most stifling of all. Why? Because you cant even finish the word formal without choking on your caviar first. this requires clothes that most men do not have in their wardrobes. This is usually the dress code in


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Do you have your own knight in shining armor?



Written by: Kristoffer C. Jonasan

Most of the girl still searching their knight in shining armor of their own. Finding this mythical creatures in our generation is not that easy. Because our generation now is consist of youngsters that are forward and careless and being what you called “SWAG” attitude that most teens patronized. And some girls fell into guys that have one of this attitudes. But chivalry is always somewhere exist. It can be in your class, work, bus etc. You just need to be open and appreciate every effort that every man does to you whether its your classmate or co-worker or even a stranger. You’ll never know, maybe the knight you’re looking for is already the person you snob.

When was the last time you become a gentleman?

Written by: Kristoffer C. Jonasan

When was the last time you become a gentleman? Is it with your partner, mother, or a stranger? I’m just saying that everyone can be that knight in shining armor that every girl is looking for.



SOURCE (Picture 1)

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What can you say about this two pictures? Is it hard to do what they are doing? Of course its easy like hell right? These two guys is what exactly I’m saying. Well we all know that not every guy is gentle like them. Maybe the reason why is because some guys like us thought that helping or being these two can degrade their masculine personality and its stupid. For all the guys reading this article, you can be cool or masculine as you want even if you’re doing things like this. Always put on your mind that helping or doing something small effort for the sake the others is part of our being as a man.