When was the last time you become a gentleman?

Written by: Kristoffer C. Jonasan

When was the last time you become a gentleman? Is it with your partner, mother, or a stranger? I’m just saying that everyone can be that knight in shining armor that every girl is looking for.



SOURCE (Picture 1)

SOURCE (Picture 2)

What can you say about this two pictures? Is it hard to do what they are doing? Of course its easy like hell right? These two guys is what exactly I’m saying. Well we all know that not every guy is gentle like them. Maybe the reason why is because some guys like us thought that helping or being these two can degrade their masculine personality and its stupid. For all the guys reading this article, you can be cool or masculine as you want even if you’re doing things like this. Always put on your mind that helping or doing something small effort for the sake the others is part of our being as a man.

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